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A.G.’s Testimonial

When western medicine couldn’t help me, I turned to eastern medicine. I found Gina because she was in walking distance to my work, and immediately felt comfortable with her because she was a Hopkins nurse for many years before. She fit me into her schedule and now I’m a regular 5 months later.                        A.G.     Baltimore, MD

A.L.’s Testimonial

As a healthcare professional myself I feel that I am a fairly good judge of practitioner abilities. I look for the very best standard of care, physical and emotional improvements, and a personal connection.

 I consider myself very fortunate that I found Gina. She is an awesome diagnostician and knows just where to place the needles to get the appropriate response.... Read more »

R.R.’s Testimonial

” I was probably one of the most skeptical patients a practitioner could have.  And now after several years of seeing Gina Edness on a regular basis, I am a true believer in the power of acupuncture.  It still seems like a miracle to me, but it’s real and it works!  The added bonus above and beyond feeling better physically

... Read more »

M.B.’s Testimonial

“My doctor, from personal and patient experience, recommended and prescribed acupuncture to me almost three years ago to help manage an acute back injury and chronic back and hip pain.  After a short search I was fortunate enough to find Gina who, right from the beginning, worked closely and unwaveringly with me on not only my physical symptoms and health,

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