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M.B.’s Testimonial

“My doctor, from personal and patient experience, recommended and prescribed acupuncture to me almost three years ago to help manage an acute back injury and chronic back and hip pain.  After a short search I was fortunate enough to find Gina who, right from the beginning, worked closely and unwaveringly with me on not only my physical symptoms and health, but mental and spiritual health as well.  With Gina’s sincere kindness, warmth, and compassion, and through her commitment to healing and extensive knowledge, training and application in Eastern and Western medicine, my back injury has healed, my chronic pain has disappeared and, I believe not coincidentally, long held emotional issues have finally begun to heal.  I can’t imagine where I would be in my life without Gina Edness – She has become a positive and trusted partner in a lifelong journey of holistic healing and health.”         M.B., Owings Mills, MD

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